Season 3 of Stranger Things — Netflix's hit original show about a small town plagued by supernatural forces and secret science experiments — is set to drop later this year, and we're losing our minds!  

But before we allow you to get mind-flayed trying to figure out what the Duffer Brothers have in store this season, we've closed in on everything we know so far about the upcoming Season 3 of Stranger Things

We've scoured through the internet — and, yes, we even paid a visit to Millie Bobby Brown's Instagram profile — to round up every possible detail that might clue us in on what will happen to Eleven and the gang down in Hawkins, Indiana. 

From release dates and spoilers to episode titles and casting news, we've got all the receipts for one of the best shows Netflix has to offer. Based on everything we've gathered, Stranger Things Season 3 is going to leave you speechless. Be sure to bookmark this page as we'll be dropping updates here as more become available. 

Updated February 2019