Updated: March 15, 2018

If looks can be deceiving you should never judge a book by its cover... or a movie by its poster in this case. Films have the capacity to surprise us. Even the biggest movie fans can't tell what will be great, good, or bad all the time. Some movies are simply hidden gems.

Netflix has helped usher in a new age in selecting entertainment. Standing in aisles at Blockbuster has now become scrolling a vast menu online. The thing is, choosing something isn't any easier. 

That's where we come in. We've spent our lives crouched in front of high definition displays for hours so you don't have to. We've culled the stacks at Netflix and separated the skips from the must-sees. We've shown you horror, romance, comedy, and more. And now, we're digging a little deeper. These are the movies that some of you may judge to be unworthy. For their titles, their posters, their casts, their directors... whatever the reason, they look terrible. But looks can deceive.