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I Finally found that illusive stimulus scratch response from a couple of Cheetahs.  Eden loves her stomach or tummy rubbed and Sahara enjoys a masseur lumber scratching.  The response is interesting to me because of the behavior it results in.  Both immediately begin grooming their front legs.

I equate the behavior to having cubs; especially when Eden's tummy is rubbed.  It is a natural response to groom and clean their cubs.  Cubs will suckle and nurse throughout the day and night.  I have shown Eden willing to stop whatever she is doing and begin grooming her front legs.  If cubs were present suckling, she would be grooming them instead.

Sahara is a little different in that her lumbar region results in the behavior of grooming.  It may be that an area of their bodies has this sense to groom... from their underbelly up to their lumbar.  I just don't know.

I love learning about animal behavior and find it fascinating.  people joke, but something such as a groom response can be useful in better caring for captive wild or tamed cheetahs.  Cub abandonment or rejection is a real threat in the wild and in a captive environment.  Abandoned cubs don't get to nurse properly or get the vitamins, colostrum, or nutrient they need to grow and develop properly.  Perhaps knowing where a cheetah mom can be artificially stimulated can result in that animal accepting a rejected cub.  it is certainly something I will consider if I ever come across such a situation with my own cheetah breeding project one day.

Still... it is fun to watch and enjoy...
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