O’Reilly Confronts Donald Trump over McCain 'No Hero' Remarks: 'You Picked the Wrong Guy'

Fox News Bill O'Reilly Goes One-on-One With Trump on McCain: 'You Picked the Wrong Guy' ‘Come On!’ O’Reilly Battles Trump over McCain Remarks Bill O’Reilly tonight confronted Donald Trump over his remarks about John McCain, even calling him out for dodging the question and misunderstanding the problem people had with what he said.
Trump, in case you still haven’t heard, said of McCain’s war hero status, “He’s a war hero ’cause he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.” He got savaged all over the place by conservatives and his GOP presidential rivals, while McCain himself simply said Trump owes all POWs an apology.
Donald Trump criticizing John McCain. Presidential hopeful disenchanted with Senator on illegal immigration
O’Reilly tonight told Trump he could have easily made cogent points on McCain not supporting vets enough without resorting to personal attacks. Trump kept trying to justify what he said and cited one fact-check siding with him, but O’Reilly called him out.

O’Reilly said, “Come on, Donald! You know the way it came off wasn’t correct.”

And on top of that, on the charge McCain doesn’t do enough for vets, O’Reilly corrected him and told him it’s unfair to make McCain the “whipping boy” for all the problems people have with the VA.

Donald Trump acknowledged tonight on "The O'Reilly Factor" that John McCain is a war hero, but insisted that the Arizona senator has not done a good job at fighting for our country's veterans.

"These veterans are living in hell," Trump said. "They're hurting, and they're crying. You see these strong, powerful people, and you see tears coming down their eyes."

He said that if he's elected president, vets will be treated properly and with the respect that they deserve.

O'Reilly agreed that the Department of Veterans Affairs is a mess, but pointed out that McCain was behind both The Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act and the Clay Hunt SAV Act.

"You picked the wrong guy here," "The Factor" host said. "McCain shouldn't be the whipping boy ... I don't think McCain's the villain here."

Trump reiterated that there is massive corruption and incompetence at the VA. He said that long-tenured senators and supposed advocates for vets are to blame for that, including McCain.

"I would love to see him do a much better job taking care of the veterans, Bill," Trump stated.

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McCain on Trump: I don't need an apology, but others deserve one
It’s the moment for which everyone’s been waiting for the past 42 hours or so: Senator John McCain (R-AZ) responded to celebrity plutocrat Donald Trump’s comments about his war heroism on Morning Joe Monday morning, saying that Trump didn’t owe him an apology but owed it to all POWs.

“I think he may owe an apology to the families of those who have sacrificed in conflict and those who have undergone the prison experience in serving their country,” McCain said, adding that he also harshly denounced the GOP’s Swiftboat-ing of then-Democratic nominee John Kerry.
“When Mr. Trump said he prefers to be with people who are not captured — well, the great honor of my life was to serve in the company of heroes. I’m not a hero. But those who were my senior ranking officers…those that inspired us to do things we otherwise wouldn’t have been capable of doing — those are the people that I think he owes an apology to.”

Trump criticized McCain’s war service at an event on Saturday, saying he preferred soldiers who didn’t get captured; it appeared a response to McCain’s labeling Trump’s followers as “crazies.” The RNC, along with almost every GOP candidate except Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), denounced Trump, and former Texas Governor Rick Perry even said he should exit the race.

On this latter point, McCain wouldn’t comment, saying such a decision was up to Trump. He didn’t seem too impressed with Trump’s poll numbers, however, predicting they would soon falter.

McCain aldo rebutted Trump’s charge that he had done nothing for veterans but “talk,” referencing two pieces of legislation he recently proposed on the vet suicide rate.

But 'The Donald' is not backing down on his comments criticizing the senator’s service.
Donald Trump does not owe him an apology for remarks disparaging his military service in Vietnam, Arizona Sen. John McCain said Monday. But he should apologize to others.

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