Charles Bronson Part 9 of Discography

1. Marriage Can Suck it 2. Youth Attack! 3. The Painful, Yet Unavoidable, Deathstar Comparison 4. xDumbfucksx 5. Too Much Of A Good Thing 6. Standing In Front of Bulldog Records 7. Stock Footage 8. Pre(Im)mature Retirement P.L.A.N. 9. The Only Time I Think About ROmance is WHen I wonder Why I dont think ABout IT 10. Deaf and Dumb 11. Fuck Technology, I'll Keep My Pocket Change 12. Red And Green Make Yellow 13. Lets Start another War SO I can Sing About Stopping it 14. I JUst Can't Avoid the Void in Avoid 15. Wasteoid On The Celluloid 16. Shrinkage17. CLose Encounters Of The Nerd Kind 18. IQ32 19. Punch Drunk 20. The Tears Of A Clone

Ah to be 22, washed up and fuckin' through. You're a pair of K-mart shoes: plastic and phony and with the belief that happiness in life is matrimony. Padlocked to wedlock cuz time's a wastin' to hurry up and waste your life in marriage. Entrapment = death, caught in a web, sentenced to a harsh life of eating meals together and sharing the same bed, ick! How about you just invite me to the divorce instead. Skip the serenade and the bullshit promises your mom and dad would've made. Honeymoon narcosis brains in a love-bong like anyone really waits that long cuz the way I see it you were already fucked way before you ever got fitted for the stupid tux. You are fucking losers, and I hope your kids are ugly. 

We're tired of being your fucking commodity,
retouching your faces obsessed with your bodies,
listen - the tapped well's destined to stay dry
so give it up and hear our fucking battle cry:
As adult oblivion beckons, now's the time for a YOUTH ATTACK!
Treat me like a kid - it's what I fucking am.
Plastic surgery cant hide the fact that grown-ups
aren't my friends you fucking old bastards
I know you wanna be me ...ha ha!
How old are you anyway? 23?!
As adult oblivion beckons now's the time for a YOUTH ATTACK!
These days are going fast so don't look back
cause before you know it your bald and fat.
Fear of crow's feet and spare tires spawned this tide of youth
that's surging in me cuz I don't wanna be 30.
So fuck your maturity. When the scab of youth has been picked
the scar of maturity will set in, and then you're dead! 

"Hero" tags pinned on with moldy pro-war bumper stickers secured over eyes and mouths dangling limp from yellow ribbon collecting dust on closet coat racks long forgotten memories shelved and human emotion reduced to memorabilia and hey dude the TV's on so this memorial day I'll see you at the blow out sale in the mall. 

The truth is out there for the social skill-less on top of the nerd list, who got beamed up to the pocket protected alien craze, panning out to be way more fun than last months wild and crazy battletech phaze. You dorks! You got the green wet dream sickness and I think you fucking suck. Got your sleeveless jeans jacket on every day that proudly displays your "I believe" backpatch stitched over the old one with the toilet that read "metal up your ass", and it's so fukengruven to know that 17 different alien stickers adorn each of your cars windows, driving home in style to go surf the net all night awaiting the next signal for your ticket to ride out of this place but your brain's the only thing floating in outer space. I got all the fucking answers, just ask me 'cause theres no signs of intelligent life forms here and that aint no conspiracy. 


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