Naturalist Amanda Dalton introduces us to Jumanji the Black Leopard. This video was part of a "virtual field trip" for a 5th grade class at a local school. Since the school didn't have the budget to take the kids on a field trip, Amanda Dalton brought the field trip to them! A helper filmed Amanda giving a guided tour of Heaven's Corner Zoo and some of it's amazing animals. The video was then showed to the entire class and Amanda was on hand to answer any questions the kids might have about the animals. 

Jumanji is a very special cat. He has a lot of personality and is probably one of the most favorite animals of guests at Heaven's Corner Zoo. He doesn't like men so much, probably because of his history in a magic show. Amanda and Jumanji have a special connection, and Jumanji loves to get his back scratched (with a long handles back scratcher of course).

This footage was filmed in October 2011 at Heaven's Corner Zoo. 


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