Some free travel service ONLY between travel from Tempolten* to YVR Airport. Soon Compass Tickets and Cards will be out  with these doors will soon be closed. Free service between these station *if I remembered correctly* started at the beginning of service of the Canada Line will remain free only within those stations I mention. After that, I show you how the Compass LED Thing would say when you use that ticket pass Tempolten*. Since I have a valid pass,it means that no money was harmed in the making of this video for both me and the bus company.

Disclamer: Anyone goes beyond those station with a Sea Island Compass Ticket will risk them selves a risk of $173, unless you have payed for your proof of payment. Also, I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for those incident or others that occur with your pass.

If you have any questions of the Compass Card, don't hesitate to ask the question on my channel!

Want to see more Compass Card? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYAF4ltTILb8XU3YSNUF38vZHoOMHC55S 


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