This posting is for me and showcasing my friendship and trust with Gabriel The Cheetah.  I've known him for two years now but only get to see him about twice a year.  I knew him as a cub and spent much of my volunteer spare time at Cheetah Experience with him.  I think he remembers me every time I show up because he becomes very affectionate.

I also point out the difference in feeding stances the lessor cats have as opposed to the Big Cats.  Cheetahs are considered a 'lessor cat' because of their ability to purr and   specialized bone in their throat (hyoid) that vibrates and results in purring.  Big Cats like leopard, lions and tigers don't purr but make chuffing, growling, bellowing, roaring, and grunting sounds.  I noticed a difference in how they feed as well and have a theory.

You will notice all the cheetahs feed with all four digits or paws touching the ground.  Nothing else touches.  All the lessor cats do this.  It's like they are ready to burst up from their position and RUN.  Lions, leopards, and tigers usually lay flat with their elbows flat against he ground.  Lions do this mostly to protect it against theft and very possessive over it.  All the lessor cats, to include your house cats, cheetahs, caracals, servals, and wild cats eat with just their 4 paws to the ground.

I think it is defensive in nature because lessor cats are killed by the Big ones, not the other way around.  Many times a cheetah in the wild will loose its kill to lions leopards and even hyenas. Cheetahs won't fight over their food against a larger predator.  They will abandon it.

So my theory is lessor cats have developed a way to prepare to escape any potential threat from their kills by standing while eating.  They are very nervous and watchful.  They have much more time to run away when ready to RUN!  A cheetah is designed to RUN not Fight.

So enjoy the clip and don't worry about me.  I always clean myself up proper after a sloppy kissing, licking, grooming session from these cheetahs.

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