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A bit long but another reunion with my Cheetah buddy Gabriel who I've known since he was a cub.  He is 2.5 years old in these clips.  I fly to South Africa twice a year to volunteer my time at Cheetahs Experience to help these endangered cats.  While doing so, I have befriended a number of them but none as special as Gabriel.  Our relationship is 'tight' if I can use the old 80s term.  He has a unique way of showing affection in that he must hold and hug you while doing it.  He's done this since he was a cub and remembers.

My 1st Reunion With Gabriel:  https://youtu.be/cBz-1lEVS9M

I also test his friendship by inviting another volunteer in with me; someone who Gabriel has never met before.  Arin is another volunteer who wanted to meet Gabriel during my reunion.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to find out once and for all if Gabriel has any recollection of me by comparing the greets between us.  How would Gabriel react to someone he should  know well and someone he has never met.  It was telling!  You will have to watch to find out ;=)

We also show Gabriel's affinity toward men and my theory behind it.  Like many animals, Gabriel has a gender preference toward men.  A female staff member shows how Gabriel snubs women and migrates toward men.  I think it is instinctive for male Cheetahs.

In the wild, male cheetahs form what's called coalitions consisting ONLY of male cheetahs; mostly brothers but can include outsiders.  These coalitions last their entire lives.  They establish territory, hunt and die within it.  The only time they see females is when one happens through their territory to mate.

I think Gabriel sees his keepers as just more Cheetahs and leans toward male figures... trying to form his coalition.  He wants to make coalition friends like he would in the wild.  It is a survival behavior.  The more eyes, teeth, and claws you have in the wild, the better your chances.  But, it is funny how he snubs women.  There is one female staff member Gabriel does love.

Either way, most all of these Cheetahs enjoy the attention and company.  Many live by themselves in these enclosures and visits are a cure to boredom and loneliness.  They come to us for attention and are a curious wonderful cat.

Enjoy my second reunion with Gabriel.  I plan on having them until we part for the final time... such is the cycle of life.

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Please like this video if you like it ;)

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