It was a lot of work but here is my Carillion Guitar Polaris 7 demo video! I'm playing an original song called Elysium Void that I wrote about 5-6 years ago. There is a lot of In Flames, Soilwork and Children of Bodom influence on this one. It was quite tricky to record some of the riffs despite it sounding relatively straightforward. The pre-chorus riff is one of my favourites. I went for a more vocal solo on this one instead of a shredfest. I had a few different versions and always came back to the original one which was like the old melodeath approach. Since this was for a guitar demo I left out the synths on this one and had a harmony guitar play some of them. In the future I'll re-record all my songs into some kind of album I can put up for download.

The guitar chain for rhythms was TS808 - EVH 50 watt - Mesa recto cab -  SM57 + 421 - API Mic pre

For leads a Marshall head  - Zilla Cab - 57

Big thanks to Chris Dehlia for building such an awesome guitar, Michael at Trackmix for the reamping, mixing, mastering etc and my buddy Conor Fleming for filming. I'll have a very in-depth review video up soon too. 

Mp3 and tabs can be downloaded by following the link below:

More videos on my youtube channel:

You can contact me on Facebook:

Everything was re-amped, mixed and mastered buy Michael Richards at Trackmix Studio:

If you're interested in a custom guitar I would highly recommend Carillion Guitars. I've owned and played a lot of guitars and I'd put them up there with the best:

Lorcan Ward 


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