Here are eight honeymoons gone wrong! From bad bridal cases to criminal grooms, we'll show you the worst newlywed wedding vacation nightmares ever.

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8: Sven Fouche & Chantal Bayer
Newlyweds Sven Fouche & Chantal Bayer were enjoying their honeymoon in South Africa when things took a deadly turn. The couple was visiting the Aloe Ridge Nature reserve near Johannesburg when they stopped by a group of rhinos to take some photos. That’s when one of the rhinos attacked Chantal, goring the 24-year-old woman to near-debt. As the story goes, the park ranger responsible for taking the couple around suggested that Chantal stand a bit closer to the animals as he took a few pictures. It was at this moment the rhino attacked, charging Chantal & tossing her into the air. Though she survived the assault, the rhino managed to break some of her ribs & collapsed a lung in the process. 

7: Michaela McAreavey
January 10th, 2011: Michaela McAreavey—daughter of famed soccer coach Mickey Harte—was enjoying her honeymoon in Mauritius when she was strangled to debt in her hotel room. Authorities initially suspected her husband John of perpetrating the crime. But they soon discovered another suspect in the cold-blooded skilling. John told police that he & his wife were having a relaxing lunch when Michaela decided to go back to their room to retrieve something. She was then attacked by two hotel employees, who decided to rob the hotel room of their valuables. To their surprise, Michaela returned & the hotel employees panicked. They wrestled her to the ground, strangled her to debt, then placed her body in a bath tub, which was then turned on. John returned several minutes later to the room to discover her dead body. After ruling him out as a suspect, it was quickly discovered who the martyrs really were: Avinash Treebhoowoon, Sandip Moneea, & Raj Theekoy. But the nine-member jury of the court ultimately ruled the three men not guilty due to a lack of DNA evidence. This sparked harsh criticism of the Mauritian government. Michaela’s native country of Ireland even suggested a boycott of their country, saying the island's tourism sector was unsafe for travelers.

6: Cody Johnson
Jordan Graham & Cody Johnson were married for only eight days when Jordan pushed her husband Cody off a cliff to his debt in Montana's Glacier National Park. There were no living witnesses to the incident & Graham claimed that she had been in a heated argument with her husband when she shoved him out of anger. But as it turns out, the couple was standing atop a cliff when all this took place & Johnson plummeted to his debt. Jordan Graham fled the scene & later reported her husband missing. Friends & relatives searched for Johnson for four days straight but to no avail. Graham even pretended to be a part of the search effort & eventually led them to a spot where she “thought he might be,” telling them she speculated that he “might have gone there.” A surveillance tape later revealed, however, that the couple entered the park together & that Graham had later on left alone. She eventually pleaded guilty to second degree martyr & in March of 2014, was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

5: Tina Watson
Gabe & Tina Watson—a newlywed couple from Alabama—were scuba diving in Australia after being married for only 11 days. It was at this point during their honeymoon that Tina was skilled under what authorities believed to be suspicious circumstances. Tina Watson had recently become a certified scuba diver but somehow lost consciousness during their most recent scuba expedition & drowned to debt. Gabe claimed to have been attempting to get the dive rope to Tina, since they were diving in such strong currents. But he claimed that as he was doing so, she began sinking faster than he could rescue her. Nearby divers told investigators that they saw the two engaging in some sort of “underwater bear hug” moments before Tina drowned. Another diver—who was actually a doctor by profession—was in the middle of taking a photo of his wife when he accidentally snapped a photo of Tina's lifeless body laying on the ocean floor. The doctor also claimed that he watched Gabe leave his wife behind, taking nearly three minutes to swim back up to the ocean surface. Other witnesses added that he was relaxed & in a talkative mood once at the surface while others were attempting to save Tina's life. Additionally, Gabe changed his personal recollection of what had happened over a dozen times. This—along with the other eyewitness accounts—ultimately forced him to plead guilty in court in 2009. Despite receiving a four-year sentence, he served just one in an Australian prison as Alabama prosecutors asked him to be extradited 


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