Looking for a solution for ear wax and itchy ears that won’t quit? Then try Dr. Gold’s Ear Therapy line of ears drops and sprays that are made in the USA, and specially formulated to help keep cat and dog ears clean. Dr. Gold's Ear Therapy uses a gentle, cleansing solution to disinfect and deodorize the ear canal. Each medicated and topical ear infection treatment can relieve itching and discomfort that leads to ear pain. Dr. Gold’s Ear Therapy works to remove moisture, fungus, yeast or bacterial infections, and ear wax buildup in your pet.  Dr. Gold’s can also be applied to eliminate sensitivity or soreness caused by environmental allergies and ear mites. The alcohol-free itch relief formula contains soothing aloe vera and glycerin to reduce foul odors, redness and swelling by disinfecting and deodorizing your furry buddy’s ear without causing irritation in the process. 

While Dr. Gold’s Itch Relief stops the discomfort and ear pain caused from itching and scratching due to flea bites, dryness from shampoos and poison ivy can cause other minor skin irritations and rashes. Simply drop or spray the cat and dog ear infection medicine into your pet’s ear canal as needed. Once the Dr. Gold’s Ear Therapy solution has penetrated into those itchy ears, let your pet shake his head and your buddy’s ears should be good as new. Wow– talk about total ear therapy and itch relief! Learn more about Dr. Gold’s Ear Therapy and Itch Relief for Dogs and Cats today! https://bit.ly/2gbBzf1 

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