We woke up to a beautiful morning with a little mist floating through the valleys which added to the mood for our landscape photography. The walk up to the falls through the tree ferns and ancient rainforest was magical.

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The first falls we stopped at was Russell Falls. The lookout platform faces directly onto the falls, as we stood there we were battered by the fine mist being kicked up by the falls. This made capturing an image difficult. So instead I decided to move to the left side of the falls to an angle that created some foreground interest with the water leading lines up to the falls. With a shower-cap over the lens to protect it from the blasting mist I worked out my composition and exposure (f8 and 1/3 sec), I then removed the shower cap and took the shot.

We then walked up to the second set of falls called Horseshoe Falls. These falls weren’t as high, however, there were plenty of rocks, logs and trees that provided foreground interest and composition options. The challenge here was to simplify the composition best I could. The lines created by the flowing water were the main foreground interest for the first couple of shot and I use the single rocks the anchor my third image. With each image, my aperture was set to f11, and the ISO was at 64, the base ISO for the Nikon 850. I took a series of shots as various exposure manually controlling the shutter speed from 5 seconds to around 1/3 second.

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MUSIC (from Epidemic Sounds), songs used:
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