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Watch and listen to Saraha... an African female cheetah with the loudest cheetah purr I've ever heard.  She is also a marathon groomer and suckler.  It's a throwback to when she was a cub.  Many captive cheetahs continue to behave this way into adulthood.  It happens with many domesticated pets as well, as the mother normally shuns the behavior before they are weaned.  Many of these cheetahs must be taken from their mothers due to abandonment, not allowed to nurse, health and safety reasons, or for the safety of the animal.  This was the case for Saraha.

Saraha is a new member of Cheetah Experience and brought in from another project due to her breeding stalk and genetic diversity.  She is a super nice and affectionate cheetah, but like all wild animals has an instinctive side that can present itself with small children, animals, and people.  Thankfully, that is not the case with most people and me.

When I volunteer there, I take the time to greet Saraha and other cheetahs during my spare time.  It's regarding for both of us as it cures a possible day of possible boredom, loneliness or any stress the animal has by enriching their lives.  I call it Human Enrichment and it helps reaffirms bonds between the keepers and captive animals.

Some may say "keep them wild" and "leave them alone" and I agree if they were not captive.  But the choice to interact is ALWAYS given to the animal and not the other way around.  These animals come to 'you' for attention and thus want and enjoy it.  It's rewarding to me as well.

For those folks who enjoy an unusual Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) video/recording, I tried to limit my voice over to provide over 5 minutes of just Sahara purring loudly and suckling/grooming.

Thanks for watching!

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