Finally! After a long~ awaited opportunity to record, I finally compiled a long~ overdue commission of an Indominus Rex transformation audio (Commissioned by Wyraachur (aka AuraGuardianHadou).
Here's the script if you have a hard time getting what the character is saying, and some of the things that are happening:

"I've done it! It's complete! With this, I can finally prove that Dale Russell's (He's a real person, by the way) studies are not false. Now who, or what shall I test this stuff o-...? Oh...That's right...I was thrown out of my work lab, wasn't I? Looks like I'm behind the eight ball. Unless...Hmm...Well, I guess I have no choice but to make myself the guinea pig".

*Injects formula*

"Aya! That stung! This is why I need test subjects. Or pets. That way I don't have to worry about feeling the...*Shakes head because of the ridiculous thought* Now I just have to make sure this stuff's stabilized. Seems to be flowing smoothly. Looking good. And now, we wait".

*Error message pops up on computer*

"Hmm? Ugh...Cramps all of a sudden...What the hay? DNA over-ugh? *Heavy breathing* Huh? It...It's working. *Laughs* Oh, just wait until I show them! Me and Dale are not crazy! Humans and dinosaurs were once one! *Roars and regains a bit of composure from the transformation* I've done it...I've...I've done it! So fascinating. Now I just need to-"

*Another error occurs*

"What?...Ugh-AUGH! What's...!? Oh, no...No no no no-argh! *Heavy breathing* Uuuu-oooogh! What's happening!? Kgh! *Roars* *Groans in pain* *Grunts, more groaning, and growls* Whatever is happening is making me feel...feel...ugh...*Roars* This was not supposed to...to happen! But I feel so...so...rrrrrRRRANDY~! *More grunts, groans, and roars as the size increase causes damage to surroundings, and the transformation finishes with a loud roar* Yes...YYYEEESS~! Oh, this is amazing! I have become the ultimate being! *Laughs and roars* I shall call this form the Indominus Rex! *Laughs* Here I come my fellow scientists! *Roars and walks off*"

Indominus Rex belongs to the original creators.
Done on Audacity beta.
Sound effects taken from Youtube, Pond5, and SoundDogs.
Images taken from Google.
Voice work and scripting done by me. 


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