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2nd Ambush Video Leopards Vs Cheetah: https://youtu.be/axcPoS2sF0E

You've heard about the dangers of presenting your back to BIG CATS.  In India (in Tiger country) villagers who gather from the forest, wear face masks backward (over the back of their heads) so they won't get ambushed.  I test some cheetahs I know at Cheetah Experience and the ambush theory; turning my back to some to see if they will jump me.

I also talk about lowering profiles, prone positions, dominance, and how I become less threatening to get tamed cheetahs to respond to me.  Cheetahs recognize submissive posturing and it invites friendship and beginnings of trust when you do.

There are many tamed cheetahs that don't trust or like me but if I lower my profile, some will approach and the younger ones will use the opportunity to wrestle their fears away.

I firmly believe many of these cheetahs see us humans (staff and volunteers they see every day) as their mothers.  Most were raised by hand from an early age.  When you spend nights with them or lay down during the day inside their enclosures, they will lay down next to you for a relaxed nap.  It's when you get up, they will move away.

I think these cheetahs and lesser cats see the prone posturing humans make as their mothers and it brings back that safe and comforting memories they had since born.  It's one reason cats purr... to announce to their mother they are ok.  They all purr when you lay yourself prone and they come to visit.

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