Fantastic Little-Known Felines Jaguarundi || Facts Academy Video

In This Video About Fantastic Little-Known Felines Jaguarundi || Facts Academy Video.Despite their name, these South American felines do not resemble jaguars and are actually related to cougars. Jaguarundis are small cats with slim figures, long tails, stubby limbs, diminutive ears, and coats consisting of black, gray-brown, or red-brown fur.Their habitat is the forests, grasslands, swamps, and scrubland of southern Mexico and a large part of South America. Jaguarundis enjoy a varied diet of rodents, fruit, birds, and reptiles. These day-loving cats sometimes hunt and travel in pairs. They are extremely vocal compared to other cats, making a range of 13 different sounds.They generally give birth to litters with one to four kittens in a secluded area. Unlike many of the other cats on this list, the jaguarundis are currently not facing major population threats. Their fur is not considered fine enough to sell, but they are killed when they hunt poultry.
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