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Just me spending a little quality time with Panthera the African Black Leopard.  I've noticed all cats love to groom and to be groomed and leopards are no different than cheetahs when it comes to love licking.  I allow that with Panthera who was raised at Cheetah Experience and one of their prolific breeders.

Panthera is mostly tame and has been treated well all his life but you still must be cautious; especially with leopards.  Leopards tend to more aggressive than a cheetah and less predictable but they are still cats inside like all the rest.

I love the way cheetahs and leopards close their eyes to fully experience a grooming while shutting down their optical senses.  To me, it shows how pleasurable it is to them.  When you can provide such pleasure to an animal, it helps create an extra level of trust and bond with them.

These cats are captive and it's my assessment that providing enrichment in the form of human contact is the best medicine.  There are other forms of enrichment these cats experience but nothing compares to a human one.

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