Episode 2:  I spent three weeks volunteering at a Cheetah Breeding center in South Africa and discovered a couple of very Wild, Untamed and Uncut yearling Cheetahs.  They were brought in for their genetic diversity.  They fascinated me and I decided to try taming them to me.  It was a slow drawn out process and I show my progress in this video and following episodes to follow.

This episode I focused on our play sessions.  I had introduced myself and still spent time just laying next to them as well as playing and feeding.  I had to introduce a better, more indestructible toy for them to play with.  No such thing, but some nylon rope and knots proved more resilient than stuffed animals, although they preferred the soft toys.

Both became much more used to me from our daily play sessions and began relaxing around me; allowing me to get even closer to them.  Both understood this was a game and fun.  There was FAR less hissing and baring of teeth since our 1st encounters and my efforts were paying off.

I got as close as I was going to get playing and laying next to them.  I still could not touch them, even though I was close enough to do so.  They complained any time I did.  I needed them to be comfortable with me to touch them and that is what I focused on in the next and final Episode of Taming Wild Cheetahs.  I use food to get Jabez to come to me freely and use the opportunity to show he can trust me.

"Taming The World--- One Animal At A Time"  Dolph C. Volker

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