Barkha is thrown out of the car and falls into a pit. Barkha is badly injured and unable to get up. She feels relieved to see few men, but soon gets petrified when they start filling the pit with mud. Barkha keeps on screaming, but none of them hear her. Later, Lord Krishna feels that it is enough for the day for Barkha, and decides to help her. The men, who have filled the pit, suddenly see Barkha's hand and remove her out. Barkha loses her cool on them and walks away. She is shocked when she sees Radhika waiting for her near her car. Barkha tells Radhika that she will have to pay for it. Later, Barkha arrives at the Purohit mansion and everyone is shocked to see her condition. Barkha then tells everyone that Radhika tried to kill her. However, Barkha is shocked when Dev tells her that he does not trust her. 


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