A good boxing base is recommended for Filipino Dirty Boxing (Panantukan) training. Hand speed, proper reflexes, timing, footwork and defense can all be learned from boxing, and can go a long way whatever your main fighting style.

One piece of advice I was given regarding shadowboxing and training with punching/target bags is to imagine an active opponent, i.e., imagine that the bag may strike back at any moment, so keep your hands up for defense as much as possible. Fire your punches then bring your hands back for cover as fast, or faster, even, as you fired them. 

Panantukan, also known as Filipino Dirty Boxing, is the unarmed aspect of Filipino Martial Arts. It is a combination of knife-based boxing movements and Western boxing. Panantukan is known for its use of hammer fists, elbow strikes, low kicks, hand trapping, balance disruption, and joint control/locks in addition to basic boxing punches. The art is not meant to be used in the ring, and is geared more towards the average street thug. In my opinion, it would be advisable to study multiple arts for self defense, preferably one "ring" art such as Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA,  or Jiu Jitsu, PLUS one "street" art such as Kali or Krav Maga.

Rapido Realismo Kali is a Filipino Martial Arts system that heavily emphasizes proper boxing form in its empty hand curriculum. Official website :  http://rapidorealismokali.weebly.com/

Footage taken at Zero Eight Gym, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. 


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