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I was very young when I first realized other animals suffer from the very same illness and diseases we humans do.  Wild animals don't get healthcare in the wild and must have robust health and immune system to protect themselves from death.  It pays to have common sense and avoid trouble as well.

In this video, I share my concerns about Gabriel the Cheetah and his sudden onset of illness.  Gabriel is my favorite animal at Cheetah Experience.  When I heard he would not eat or get up for staff members, I was very concerned and had to see him.  It was my last day volunteering before heading home and was sick myself thinking about Gabriel's condition.  Thankfully, he recovered days later.

I suspect his problem was ingesting rancid meat.  The acidity of a Cheetahs stomach can digest bone.  That can cause its own problems with gastritis but sometimes gorging food can result in bacteria taking hold and making the animal sick.

All the water and food bowls are kept separate and assigned to specific animals... to avoid any cross-contamination in case one does get sick.  Sharing bowls is not a good idea.  So it was not bowls that caused his sickness.  A leopard had the same problem days earlier.  Vomiting, not eating and being sick.

Cheetah Experience has an onsite vet to care for the 50+ African Cats on the premises, so help is never far away, but it still worries you when you have someone or something you care about that is ill.

I comfort Gabriel (who was glad to see me) and try making a diagnosis of his condition.  Not every story has a happy ending and some cheetahs lose their lives to sickness or ingesting something.  I am happy to say Gabriel recovered from his illness.  It was unknown what caused his illness.  It was sudden so I suspect something he ate.

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