Watch some clips of what it is like feeding cheetahs.  Nearly 90% of all food at Cheetah Experience is donated.  Being a non-profit organization, donations are essential to maintain these endangered cats.  From chicken farms, ranchers, game rangers, to groceries, many business and assist in helping feed these African Big Cats.

From tame to wild cheetahs, every one of these animals has a unique and individual personality.  These personalities present themselves in all ways but I wanted to show you them up close during feedings.  Some you can hand feed while others too wild to even enter their enclosures during feedings.

These predators all have specific needs and each is maintained separately.  Based on weight of the animal and needs, different amounts of feed, medicine, supplements, vitamins, and omega fatty acids are added to their meals.

Enjoy what it is like to feed cheetahs!  There are about 30+ cheetahs at this facility.  There are lions, servals, caracals, a tiger, wild cats, goat, antelope, owls, dogs and meerkats to feed as well.

"Feeding The World--- One Animal At A Time"  Dolph C. Volker

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