Danielle Bregoli gets into a street fight with Woah Vicky and Lil Tay. Plus -- Danielle claims she "exposed" Vicky.

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It’s on! Nine-year-old rapper Lil Tay went after Danielle Bregoli, aka Bhad Bhabie, on Instagram after they fought IRL. Is it bad that we’re kind of scared of a nine-year-old? Lil Tay hopped on Instagram solely to post insults about Danielle Bregoli, 14, just hours after the Bhad Bhabie brawled with fellow rapper Woah Vicky, 18. Danielle didn’t get into it with Tay (she’s a child, after all), but Chief Keef‘s protegé was there to see the whole thing play out — and she was not happy about it. She first posted a nasty message about Bhad Bhabie in her Instagram story, which you can see below: “How a girl gone talk bout Gucci flip flops when u only can afford tank tops/Btw you look like a rat with draw one eyebrows/Tf happens to ur eye brows/Ima smack yo mama when I see her.”

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