Anthony Joshua has become the biggest name in Boxing with his Humble approach & Huge knockouts. His opponents have all come to fight - though some have been a bit more vocal than others! 
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Here we look down the list of AJ opponents and see which are the most confident going into the fight - and how their reaction changed AFTER the fight. Whether or not Deontay Wilder's name will be added to this list over the next 12 months is the real question, as we wait for the two fighters to collide. Enjoy the video!

Tommy Profitt- Decimator
Beat Army - Hard Credbitlity
Retnik Beats - meghan
Gambling with Fate Instrumental 

Narration: https://www.fiverr.com/jimfoster

Credits to:
Seconds Out
Behind the Gloves Boxing
Fight Hype
Fight Hub TV 


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