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Jordan Peele's record-breaking horror hit Get Out is a socially conscious thriller that deals with the worst modern boogeyman of them all: racism. With a number one debut at the box office and a record-breaking performance on multiple fronts, Get Out is a film to be remembered — and we're here to tell you its untold truth. Fair warning: now's your chance to look away if you don't want spoilers...

It's not about the president | 0:21
It's a tribute to classic horror | 0:56
Jordan Peele dreamed up the film's scariest scene | 1:17
The original ending was much darker | 1:48
It's a record breaker | 2:19
It's in the zeitgeist | 2:45
Casting controversies | 3:10
The hidden meaning of milk | 3:55
Jordan Peele has big plans for more horror | 4:30

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