Chronicling the origins and implementation of modern eugenics, from the Enlightenment to the Holocaust, this homemade documentary is my first full length documentary film. I made the film entirely by myself and am extremely proud of it. Please note that this film has a focus on eugenics with regard to the HOLOCAUST; I intend to do a second documentary exclusively about eugenics in the Americas and pre-WWII Europe, so please stop commenting that I'm unfairly biased against Germans.

I'd appreciate feedback in the comments section; compliments, constructive criticism, reviews, etc. I know that the sound is off in one part of the film, and I included a list of factual corrections at the very end, so please see that before commenting. Please DO NOT post any hateful comments; the topics discussed are controversial to say the least, and I have no doubt that many you have strong opinions on the matter. Still, I'm sure you're all mature enough to keep whatever hurtful thoughts you have to yourself. If need be, I'll delete or disable comments, so keep that in mind. That said, enjoy the film!

This film is supposed to be 1) a learning tool 2) a personal project to pass the time. I DO NOT own any of the music or footage used in this film. I only made the documentary. 


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