10 Punk Songs, One Drum Beat

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10 Punk Songs, One Drum Beat. In this video, I made a mashup of punk songs that all share a similar punk style drum beat. Enjoy!

"Bricks" - Rise Against
"Get A Life" - Pennywise
"Coffee Mug" - Descendents
"Platypus (I Hate You)" - Green Day
"Don't Call Me White" - NOFX
"No Brains" - Sum 41
"All I Want" - The Offspring
"You" - Bad Religion
"M+M's" - Blink-182
"Minor Threat" - Minor Threat

Some gear used in this video:
Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior
Fender Strat
PRS SE Custom 24
Bias FX
Logic Pro X
EZdrummer drum software
Canon T5i camera

10 Punk Songs, One Drum Beat
10 Punk Songs, One Drum Beat
10 Punk Songs, One Drum Beat 


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