Fantastic Little-Known Felines Rusty-Spotted Cat || Facts Academy Video

In This Video About Fantastic Little-Known Felines Rusty-Spotted Cat || Facts Academy Video.Rusty-spotted cats are among the smallest cats in the world—even being outweighed by many domesticated cats. True to their name, rusty-spotted cats have a taupe coat speckled with rust-colored markings. They boast white undersides, unmarked tails, and large, round eyes that vary in color.These petite felines call India and Sri Lanka home. They situate themselves near abandoned houses, in forests, on stony foothills, in bushy areas, and in grasslands. Rusty-spotted cats eat small animals, including mice, rats, and chickens. They also supplement their diets with termites and attack bigger game, including the non-native gazelle, if given the chance.Their reproductive life is similar to that of domesticated cats, a species with which they are known to mate. One to three offspring is the common range, but little is known about the rearing process. Rusty-spotted cats are uncommon, with their main threats being dogs, human hunters, and habitat destruction.
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