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Join the resistance and stand up for America.  We cannot allow the current authoritarian American regime to continue.  Call your representatives.  March in the streets.  Canvas in your community.  Do not feel pressured to give up what you believe in.  Reason and enlightenment will prevail.  

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump can suck my dick.

Here we have a compilation of clips as an example of just what the Clarkson/Hammond/May iteration of Top Gear got away with.  Crude humor like this is part of what made the show so appealing to myself and many others (though Hammond's Mexican bit, in my opinion, went beyond the line of good taste).  

This compliation is... by no means complete.  There's plenty more footage like this.

Seeing presenters completely unleashed and mostly unfiltered is great.  (Alt-right circle jerks in the comments section are not.)  :-)



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