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Watch how I become a cheetah sandwich ;0   This is the long version of a clip I posted on my Facebook page awhile back and decided to expand and show some context about it.  Stars Eden and Faith; two very special loving cheetahs.  Not all are like these two, so don't get the idea you can just lay down inside a cheetah enclosure and expect this to happen.

I have to take cautionary measures myself with them and discuss this briefly near the end of the video.  Faith has a habit of biting and Eden can get an attitude sometimes as well.  They can't speak English but they communicate with you by their own body language and it's mostly posturing, facial expressions, and voice vocalization (grunts growls, chirps and groans).  Point is, they can get annoyed and if you don't read their behavior, it's 10X worse than a house cat when swatting, biting, or scratching you.  They even play ruff sometimes and damage you because their claws always stick out.  I've trampled on by Eden at 40MPH while I was sleeping in their enclosure one morning.  They will use you in their cheetah games they play.

CHEETAHS DON'T MAKE GOOD PETS.  Someone suggested I mention that fact.  Not only because it is an endangered species, but they need VERY special care; way beyond a common house cat.  Their health can deteriorate due to many factors to include nutrition, genetic inferiority, boredom, stress, and loneliness.  They get moody like a cat and will hurt you.

Dedicated researchers and scientists have spent decades studying them and ever changing their handling and care for cheetahs.  For instance, recently they discovered captive cheetahs need more fatty acids in their diets because they were not getting it from game animals by not eating the organs and skin of wild game.  Captive cheetahs are getting processed chicken (an unnatural diet) that is skinned and the organs removed.  That causes all kinds of health problems from skin, eyes, kidneys, and mental health.  The need constant care and observation and their health can deteriorate quickly.

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