DeepLearning series Ep 1 : DeepFaceLab Installation and Workflow TUTORIAL
In this video i will walk you through how to install the dependencies required, hardware suggestions, and finally will help you with the total work flow right from extracting frames and faces to training and then swapping the faces and creating the final video

**UPDATE** as per the developer of the app , you dont need to install cuda 9 and cuDNN in the app, and all you would need are the drivers for the nvidia gpu.
Models used 
Source: Robert Downey JR (Iron Man stage show)
Destination : shia lebouf(do it video)

training algo used : defaker
model trained for 14 hours

github page

software dependencies:
cuda 9.0:
cuDNN 7.0:

if you guys are not having access to gpu, try this video:

background music: unision aperture(NCS release) 


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