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Guy Sprinkling Salt Bae Meme Original

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A few days ago, the internet was blessed with a new meme—an erotic, knife wielding, salt-sprinkling chef the internet lovingly named "Salt Bae."

Salt Bae, whose real name is Nusret Gökçe, is a snazzy and hella sensual Turkish chef who co-owns the popular steakhouse Nusr-et, which has six locations across Turkey and Dubai, and caters to celebrity clientele including Antonio Banderas and Tommy Hilfiger. And the name is fitting, because “et” means “meat” in Turkish.

"sprinkles salt"
"guy sprinkles salt"
"butcher cuts meat"
"butcher sprinkles salt"
"salt sprinkles"
"funny salt sprinkle"
"funny sprinkle"
"guy sprinkles salt"
"guy sprinkles salt meme" 


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