In this Screen Tests interview, the actor who played Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, talks about his love for Robin Hood, The Lion King and Pretty Woman, role in The Other Boleyn Girl, the surprising movies that always make him cry, and why he has a crush on Charlotte Rampling and Kristin Scott Thomas.

Eddie Redmayne on playing Stephen Hawking: “To play Stephen Hawking, I made a chronological graph of his physical condition. I literally listed the muscles breaking down scene by scene—what glasses he was wearing, whether he was using one or two walking sticks, what wheelchair he was in. One of the toughest things was the different wheelchairs. Trying to hit all the marks and stay in character without moving any muscles was both interesting and nearly impossible.”

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Eddie Redmayne on The Other Boleyn Girl and His Biggest Crushes | Screen Tests | W Magazine 


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