Check out My Charles Bronson style Violent Vigilante Action Film Trailer! "ADDICTION"  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ma9AusO4aTU   ...........................  Charles Bronson Brutal Violent Uncut Fight Scene Chase "St Ives" "J. Lee Thompson"  "Jeff Goldblum" "Robert Englund" "Lalo Schifrin" seventies film 70s screen icon legend tough guy macho mugged attacked Vigilante anti hero anti-hero tough guy action man rugged looks Hollywood actor film star revenge hardcore violence bloody shootouts strong police cop reporter detective western gunfighter, boxer, Mafia hitman professional killer Cowboy fist kick punched pushed shoved smacked punced kicked beating beaten 
Death Wish Mr. Majestyk Breakout The Stone Killer The Mechanic Chato's Land The Valachi Papers Chino The Valdez Horses Soleil rouge Red Sun Someone Behind the Door Cold Sweat Violent City The Family Città violenta You Can't Win 'Em All Passager de la pluie, Le Rider on the Rain Twinky Lola C'era una volta il West Once Upon a Time in the West Adieu l'ami Farewell, Friend Honor Among Thieves Villa Rides Guns for San Sebastian Bataille de San Sebastian, La "The Virginian" 
The Dirty Dozen Battle of the Bulge The Sandpiper Guns of Diablo 4 for Texas 
The Great Escape X-15 The Magnificent Seven "Man with a Camera" Hard Times
The Streetfighter Breakheart Pass St. Ives From Noon Till Three Raid on Entebbe 
The White Buffalo Telefon Love and Bullets Caboblanco Borderline Death Hunt Death Wish II 10 to Midnight The Evil That Men Do Death Wish 3 Murphy's Law 
Act of Vengeance Assassination Death Wish 4: The Crackdown Messenger of Death
Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects The Indian Runner Donato and Daughter Death Wish V: The Face of Death Family of Cops

 Gang War Machine-Gun Kelly Showdown at Boot Hill Jubal Apache House of Wax "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" "Have Gun - Will Travel" "Empire" "The Fugitive" "The F.B.I." Kid Galahad "The Untouchables" "The Simpsons" The Twilight Zone
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 Kill Bill Reservoir Dogs The Boondock Saints 

Paul Kersey Paul Fein Harmonica Joseph Wladislaw  Bernardo O'Reilly Mike Kovac Butch Cassidy George R. 'Machine Gun' Kelly Paul Moreno Detective Lt. Lou Torrey
Wild Bill Hickok (James Otis) 

Charles Buchinski Jill Ireland Kim Weeks J. Lee Thompson Michael Winner "Quentin Tarantino" Don Siegel Toshirô Mifune Lee Marvin Ernest Borgnine 
James Coburn Sergio Leone Steve McQueen Robert Vaughn Eli Wallach 
Vincent Price Gary Cooper Burt Lancaster Al Lettieri Terence Young Alain Delon
Richard Fleischer Roger Corman Roger Corman John Huston 


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