Sabre the black leopard sadly passed away on July 16th 2017. He was born March 1st in 1997. He was dropped off at Big Cat Rescue for boarding and then was never picked up. 
Sabre is the oldest living leopard, who celebrated his 25th birthday not long ago.
Sabre was/is a very special leopard to me, there is just something about him that fills my heart. Back when Jumanji was chilling at BCR he was Sabre's neighbor, the black leopard boys are just so handsome. 
When I visited BCR in April, I spent most my private tour sitting with Sabre. He walked all the way from the back of his home to the front where we were and he just sat with me - it was an incredibly special moment and he always looked at me straight in the eye. Words can not express how much I love Sabre and how much I will miss him. 
Special thanks to Barb for such an amazing tour. 

Please Please Please check out these links and expand further on the rights of big cats. 

Music provided by Kevin MacLeod "Bittwersweet"
by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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