Conor Mcgregor’s Father Tony has given the public a statement on whether the Mafia put a hit out on Conor. Check out what he had to say and see whether the rumors are true!
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I gave you guys a quick summary of the rumors that were spreading through social media with very brief pieces of evidence supporting that Conor may have truly gotten involved in an altercation with mob figures. Now today new video footage has surfaced of conor coming out of court where he released a cryptic statement and left us to rely on our imagination to make sense of it. A reporter asked him what he thought about the threats made to him from the mob and he said. “come get me” “come get me” Now, when I woke up this morning I saw this post that conor released on Instagram. First thing I did was look at his knuckles. I did this in order to find any trace of evidence that he struck someone. It’s common to have swelling or slight discolorations due to striking someone with a bare fist. Now when you look at the picture you don’t see any evidence of that. So, I said to myself it could have been an old photo. I then proceeded to make a follow up video to him leaving court. I figured after him saying “come and get me” this story was truer than I believed. So, I was 4 hours in to making my video and then this article was released by the mirror. Naturally this is how I wanted to react. According to conor’s dad, Tony, the rumor is “is absolute nonsense. It’s grown legs and it’s getting so ridiculous that it’s become funny. We have nothing to fear whatsoever. There’s no one after us for anything. 95% of that story is nonsense and the other 5% is overly exaggerated.” Now we can’t always believe what we hear so there could still be some truth to the story since any settlements could have been done behind closed doors. The mob obviously wouldn’t want the press bringing up their organization on a worldwide scale. However, I’ll still keep my ear to the ground and give you guys updates as more evidence surfaces. But for now, I guess the jokes on me.  

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