Located in the northern part of the United Kingdom, Scotland is a country of a rich and ancient history, strikingly beautiful landscape and proud, hardy people. There are many reasons why you should visit this amazing country but in today´s post, we will focus on things that are unique to Scotland. From the traditional Scottish dish haggis to the legendary Loch Ness monster, check out these 25 amazing things unique about Scotland.  

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And now check out this amazing preview:
World´s shortest commercial flight 
Home of golf
Possibly the oldest tree in Europe 
Scotch whiskey 
Caerlaverock Castle 
Breathtaking Scottish islands 
World´s longest echo 
Loch Ness monster 
Burns Cottage
Glenfinnan Viaduct 
Edinburgh Castle 
Unique Scottish coastline 
Morag monster
Skara Brae
Highland bagpipes 
Louns and quines 
Venue of world´s first international soccer match 
Ben Nevis
Callanish Stones 
Glasgow cathedral and necropolis 
Scottish feral goats 
One of the world´s greatest sport derbies
More redheads than anywhere else 

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