Michael Bay had a meltdown yesterday during his Samsung CES 2014 presentation because the teleprompter was off. Tila Tequila releases her "Backdoored and Squirting" sex tape, and Eva Longoria is named Maxim's Woman of the Year!

Also, for those that are doing the boiling water in the cold air trick, try blowing bubbles instead so you don't burn yourself, or you could build a 10ft snow shark. A mom cyber shames her daughter after she cyber bullied someone online, a touchless touch screen could be coming to your smartphone, Emily Ratajkowski has some sexy outtakes with Terry Richardson, and James "Uncle Phil" Avery passed away.
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Eva Longoria Maxim's Woman of the Year - http://bit.ly/K28jad
Emily Ratajkowski Outtakes Terry Richardson - http://bit.ly/K28kLm
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